Show prospect available:
I red male (Mack) one red fawn male (Mark) ready to go to the right home!

Contact: Eva Partida
Tele: 687-205-493; Fixed Line: 952-417-979

10 Weeks Old


Male - MACK Head Shot - 10 Weeks

Male - MACK Body Shot - 10 Weeks


Male - MARK
Head Shot - 1- Weeks

Male - MARK Body Shot - 10 Weeks

Fin.Ch. Honore´s Destino de Tekoneva
X Mother:
Adhira Liquirizia
Fin.Ch. Honore´s Destino de Tekoneva
  Adhira Liquirizia

.:Please Read:.

In Agility and Obedience competition we have bred Ch. Tekoneva's Elijah UDX,MX,MXJ,MAD,JM,RM,SM,O EAC,EGC,O-EJC,VCM,TT,TDInc and Ch.Tekoneva-Pikop Hezikia CD,AX,AXJ,AD,OAC,NGC,OJC,VCM,TT,TDInc, one of the most titled IG's in the world, trained and owned by Barbara Silverstein and Eva Partida. Our own star in Agility is Hezikia's daughter, Champion Tekoneva's Sambucca, AX, AXJ, once in a life time Italian Greyhound. Sammie has Intelligence of a Border Collie, trainability of a German Shepherd and fearlessness like a Doberman. At the Excellent level AKC agility are also participating Tekoneva’s Othello and Tekoneva’s Tutti Frutti with Alisa Saraceni. Also Tekoneva’s Roadrunner with Rosie Gardine. Upcoming stars, Tekoneva’s Crocodile Rock with Chris and Tekoneva’s Bacci Boy with Alisa!

On my notable breeding goals, the temperament and health always come first and after that, we love our IG's to be small and refined, without sacrificing sound movement. The color of the puppies depend on the particular parents. The colors I have had are: RED, BLUE, BLACK, CHOCOLATE and FAWN. My puppies are sold for $1000-1500. If there is a serious conformation fault on a puppy, I will sell the puppy for less, depending on the depth of the fault.

As there is more demand than puppies available, I keep a reservation list. When a reservation is made, a $200 non refundable deposit is required. If after the puppies are born, there are no puppies that meet the buyer requirements (sex, color, show potential approx. at 9 weeks of age etc.), the deposit will be refunded. When the buyer confirms the purchase of the puppy, another $200 deposit is required. The rest is payable when the puppy is picked up or shipped.

By the time a puppy leaves my house, at the age of 10-12 weeks, he/she is paper trained, pet door trained, (summertime) and exposed for table training for show, trained to bait, leash training and off leash training for recalls and stands for judge's future examination. As I am always interested in the welfare of the dog, before I sell a puppy I need to get information from the buyer, such as, if they have another dog, if they have children, etc. I am not trying to be nosy but owning a dog is a long term commitment, I want to make sure that both the puppy and the owner are going to be happy. I will not sell my puppies to spend their lives in crates. If you are interested in one of my puppies, visits are encouraged, please contact me via email.

Thank you in advance for your interest in my Italian Greyhounds. Please let me know if you need any more information.

Yours Truly,
Eva Partida


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