Are Boxer Dogs The Right Breed For You

When you want to own a boxer dog, or ownership of any dog breed, it is very important to make sure you choose the right breed for your personality, temperament and circumstances, both for your sake and the sake of your new family member…equally as important as choosing the right dog breed, have you considered what your role is in dog ownership? Are you ready to take on the responsibility and commitment that adopting a boxer or any other dog requires? Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience! But there are some very important questions you need to think about before committing yourself or your family to dog parenting.

Ask yourself the question, why do i want to become a dog owner? Is it because you always wanted a puppy and now you can have one? Is it because the children want a puppy to play with.? Is it because you think boxers are a really cool tough looking dog and you would like to have one? Is it because you want a guard dog? Or is it because you have always loved dogs, but have never been in a position to own can now afford to provide for a dog’s needs and your job allows you all the time you need to train and exercise and play with him…if you answered yes to the last question you’re on the right track. Did you know that a boxer dogs life expectancy is 10—14 years, so this is the size of the commitment. It will be your responsibility to provide a home and care for this animal for the rest of its life!…if you are confident that you are in a position to handle this responsibility, that’s fantastic!…welcome to the wonderful world of dog lovers.

Now lets look and see if a boxer is the right dog for you…first a brief background. The boxer is a German breed that was originally bred for hunting,but were soon found to have many other attributes. They have been used as messenger dogs, guard dogs, seeing eye dogs, police dogs, circus dogs, fighting dogs & watch dogs. Boxers are versatile and very responsive to training, they are classified as a high energy work dog and are currently ranked as the 6th most popular breed in USA… Boxer dogs are a handsome self-assured, powerful, energetic, short hair, midsized dog with a muscular athletic body that stands out in any crowd! Boxer dogs are intelligent,alert and responsive so they are very trainable. Boxer dogs are very loyal protective and affectionate. Boxer dogs are not aggressive dogs by nature but can be very ferocious in protecting their family or home. Boxers are very alert and make good watch dogs boxers are great family dogs and love to participate in family activities and outings boxers are playful and love to clown about; in fact boxers are the only dogs that i know that act like a puppy most of their life. Boxers love children, they will play with them all day and also protect them from strangers. Boxers are not just family dogs they are good in any environment as long as they are trained, exercised and given plenty of attention. Boxers certainly tick most of the boxes, that is why they are so popular…but there is a down side!

The golden rule when choosing a breed is, do not choose a breed that has more energy than you. Boxers are high-energy canines and need up to two hours of exercise a day. Boxers don’t like being left on their own, so if you leave them on their own for long periods you can expect issues. Boxer dogs need to be trained, there is no better dog than a trained boxer and training is a process that takes time…if you cannot afford the time don’t buy a boxer because a poorly trained and exercised boxer can have serious issues! I hope this article has been helpful by giving you a realistic background on the attributes of boxer dogs and what you need to contemplate before joining the ranks of owning a canine.